Kazakhstan International Exhibition

14-17 October 2020

  • The main sections of the exhibition “Furniture and Interior”:
  • Furniture for home: upholstered furniture, living room, bedroom sets, kitchen and dining room furniture, furniture for nursery and bath room;
  • Furniture for public space: for offices, banks and cinemas;
  • Garden and park furniture;
  • Furniture for hotels, bars, cafe, restaurants, casino and trade houses;
  • Specialized and nonstandard furniture;
  • Upholstery, fabric and fillers for furniture;
  • Component parts and furniture fittings for furniture production;
  • Paintwork materials, furniture care products;
  • Plate materials, wallpaper, parquet;
  • Software and computer-aided design;
  • Interior and furniture design;
  • Accessories and interior items;
  • Lighting systems;
  • Dishware, ceramics and glassware;
  • Mattresses, pillows and production of fillers for them;
  • Home textile and carpets;
  • Furniture trade houses;
  • Professional unions and associations.
  • The main sections of the exhibition “Timber and woodworking”:
  • Technology and equipment for furniture production;
  • Technology and equipment for woodworking industry
  • Technology and equipment for production of wood-based panels, plywood and vaneer;
  • Equipment components;
  • Wood-processing instruments, testing equipment;
  • Lumbers, wood-based panels, vaneer and plywood;
  • Wooden houses and framework buildings;
  • Stairs, windows, doors; joinery, moulded products
  • New developments of industry, engineering;
  • Technique and equipment for transportation, storage and packing of materials and goods;
  • Technique or other equipment for utilization and regeneration of wood wastes.
  • Paintwork materials, glue, paste fillers, chemicals for wood protection;
  • Sawmill equipment, forestry and wood processing equipment, drying equipment;;
  • Automation facilities of technological processes;
  • Pulp and paper industry.