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How to make a visit of the exhibition more efficiently?

In order to extract the maximum benefit of visiting the exhibition, we recommend you plan your work in advanced. First of all, set a clear goal of visiting the exhibition and make a plan work. Decide which tasks you decide, you're looking for, what to do in the first place, etc.

Familiarize yourself with the theme of the exhibition and activity profile of exhibitors. At the exhibition site, you can find detailed information about the participants and the exposition plan. If this information is not freely available - please contact the organizers.

Study program of events at the exhibition. Select events, which interesting for you. Plan your time so that it was enough to work on the stands and in the business program.

Assign a business meeting at the exhibition in advance. Identify companies that represent the greatest interest for you, contact them and agree on the time and the subject of negotiations. Find out whether there is a system of business meetings (matchmaking), Buyers Program, etc. Learn driving directions to the exhibition. Choose the most convenient route for you. Check out the infrastructure fairgrounds. Find out where you can park your car, use a photocopier, fax, internet access, and order the services of an interpreter, print printing products, etc. This will allow you to feel confident and solve your problems. Go through pre-registration. Organizers of the exhibitions offer you to fill out the registration form on the site and get a free ticket, a visitor badge and additional information about exhibition through the mail. Pre-registration will save you from having to stand in line to check in at the entrance to the exhibition, and will save time.

Come to the exhibition together with colleagues. Identify an individual work plan and route for each employee of your company. So you will be able to significantly increase the amount of business contacts and visit more events.

Use the catalog and the exhibition guide. Catalog of the exhibition, as a rule, contains an alphabetical list, a detailed description of the activity profile and contact information. In the guide you will find an exposition plan showing the location of the stands and program of exhibition events. If you have any questions refer to the exhibition organizers. Refer to the exhibition organizers, if you have any questions. They will help you to find the necessary exhibitor, tell how to get to the correct booth or place of the event.

Use the exhibition as a convenient place for meeting not only with exhibitors, but also with your clients, partners and colleagues. You can set up a meeting in the business center or business area of exhibition. In addition, modern exhibition complexes fitted with comfortable cafés and restaurants.

Additional tips:

  • to avoid missing the exhibition, including the date its holding in your calendar;
  • if you visit the exhibition in another city, in advance make a hotel booking and air or rail tickets;
  • take to the exhibition large amount of business cards;
  • after visiting the exhibition pay special attention to the processing of the obtained data and keeping the established contacts.

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