Sponsorship opportunities

Within of the exhibitions "Furniture and Interior" and "Timber and Woodworking" as the main events dedicated to the furniture and woodworking industries of Kazakhstan, each participant has a unique opportunity to maximize use their commercial potential through becoming one of the sponsors of the exhibitions.

Sponsors are advertised not only in the days of the exhibition, but also during the whole campaign, which begins long before the opening of exhibitions.

In addition, the exhibition annually attracts leading furniture companies, domestic and foreign manufacturers, enterprises and thousands of woodworking industry specialists both above and adjacent sectors.

This provides an additional advantage in the promotion of products and services, also well attract a huge number of potential customers and expand the market for business.

Benefits of sponsorship of exhibitions:

  • the most effective form of brand advertising at the exhibitions (in comparison with other forms of advertising), as it allows you to stand out from the flow of advertising and associate your company with the project as a whole.
  • improve the professional image of the company (brand image) as "successful leader" ("successful brand"), thereby strengthening the position of your company in the market;
  • It provides a significant advantage in a competitive environment, increasing your visibility in audience of thousands of regional and international experts.

The proposed sponsorship packages: